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Program and project evaluation are designed to provide evidence of whether or not the original intent of a program or project is being achieved. Three of the most common types of evaluation include Goal-Based, Process-Based, and Outcomes-Based evaluation. Each serving a specific purpose to determine...

  • Effectiveness: Did the desired effect occur?
  • Improvement: How can we identify what worked well and what should be done differently?
  • Impact: What value-added changes occurred as a result of the program or project?


We provide consulting in evaluation design, organizational alignment with evaluation needs, and team-building exercises that support effective evaluation implementation. This includes communication strategies, role and responsibilities, and implementation fidelity.


Evaluation Planning and Instrument Development
Evaluation Planning includes devising a process or method to gather purposeful and appropriate data on a particular work to facilitate informed decision making. This includes asking the right questions, identifying the most appropriate methods of gathering information from helpful sources, analyzing the data, and reporting the findings as information without discipline-specific jargon.

Tool Development is the designing of instruments used to measure the effectiveness, intent, and outcomes of the work. These include, but are not limited to, surveys, focus groups, interviews, tests, observation techniques, and other methods to gather data.

Professional Development

Quality Measures provides training and interactive workshops to groups and organizations in a professional and solution-focused atmosphere. The consultants and trainers are proven experts in their field utilizing the latest learning success strategies and are certified professionals. Our selected team also provides condensed versions of each of the interactive full-day or half-day workshops as one-hour seminar.

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